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Every client seeking electrolysis has the right to a professional no fee consultation and evaluation which is the requisite foundation for correct electrolysis protocol and procedures. Your history consists of the following: hereditary, medical conditions, medications, endocrine system, hair and skin condition, previous electrolysis, temporary methods, AIDS and HIV questionnaire and coagulation disorders. I take professional pride in my patient presentation after the completion of your consultation. At my office every patient has a complete educational demonstration of the structure of the hair and skin on illustrated charts. This includes your prognosis, treatment programming, and hygiene and sterilization techniques. Time permitting your consultation includes a demonstration on my R.A. Fischer State-of-the-Art Computerized Epilator.

People ask what is Computerized Electrolysis-Electrology and the Blend. Computerized Electrolysis-Electrology was introduced in 1985 and is built on the values of traditional electrolysis, which results in the most advanced state-of-the-art computerized medical grade epilators for permanent hair removal. Computerized electrology is an accurate, fast, advanced electronic technique and the equipment is accurate within 1/lOOth of a second. Short-Wave

Short-Wave also known as radio frequency current was introduced in 1942 and is a high-frequency thermal current that electro-coagulates the root also known as cauterizing the germinative structure of the papilla otherwise known as the root. Most people unaware that each hair has its own individual blood supply also known as a capillary that nourishes each and every follicle. Electro thermal cauterization of the root denies the hair nourishment via the capillaries and there the root dies and further new hairs cannot reproduce in that follicle. Short-Wave current is quick and efficient and if you have a computerized epilator with a quick insertion delay and excellent practical skill you can treat between 300 to 800 hair per-hour that is verified by the counter on the epilator.

Galvanic is a low frequency current that 600 cycles or less per minute is known as the Chemical Current that results from the electrolytic conversion reaction in the formation of sodium hydroxide that penetrates the entire interior structure of the follicle. Galvanic current enables the electrolytic conversion reaction henceforth the word electrolysis was invented because of the formation of Sodium Hydroxide aka Lye that is one of the basic chemical elements found in the human body. After introducing galvanic current via the probe for three seconds Sodium Hydroxide aka Lye starts forming and bubbling out of the follicle orifice. All though Sodium Hydroxide is of an alkaline base it has an acidic affect and causes the electrodessication of the follicle wall in reference it dehydrates the follicle and its entire structure. In addition, galvanic causes the electro-decomposition of the follicle by totally breaking down the entire structure of the follicle by the electrolytic conversion reaction and concentration of Sodium Hydroxide AKA Lye in the total structure of the follicle. Galvanic current is the most effective for tough curved distorted ingrown hairs.

The Blend epilator was invented in 1948 by Arthur Hinkel Company and is the combined semi-alternating or simultaneous use of Short-Wave and Galvanic currents. Which technique is superior? All three techniques, practically applied, are effective with Blend and Galvanic currents being the best choice for tough distorted curved hairs. All three modes produce positive results such as Short-Wave for rapid clearing treating 300 to 800 hairs per-hour giving you a smooth, hair-free complexion and, in turn, improve your appearance and sense of emotional well being. However, it is up to the electrologist to make the best choice depending on your hair and skin type what current is best for you. Nevertheless a seasoned electrologist does not limit himself or herself to one mode of treatment that will slow your patient's progress.

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